13 Awesome Leftover Brisket Recipes

beef brisket rice noodles soup

You’ve taken the plunge and smoked a whole, delicious, perfectly tender brisket. Bravo! And while few things are better than a brisket sandwich straight from the smoker, don’t fear the leftovers. Here are 13 recipes sure to do your time-earned meaty masterpiece justice, and keep you in brisket heaven a while longer. 1. Brisket Chili … Read more

Smoked Jalapeno Poppers – A Game Day Favorite

smoked jalapeno popper featured close-up

If you’ve ordered jalapeño poppers from your local sports bar, you’re probably familiar with the typical breaded variety. And while those can be yummy in their own way, they often just taste like chunks of fried cream cheese. I promise you can do so much better at home! With these smoked jalapeño poppers, you’ll really … Read more

Poor Man’s Burnt Ends [Recipe + Tips]

poor man's burnt ends in foil pan

If you’re craving some burnt ends but don’t want to deal with a whole brisket, chuck roast is the perfect substitute. These poor man’s burnt ends are every bit as smokey, sweet, and tender as traditional ones. Make ’em right, and your guests won’t know the difference. Enjoy! Poor Man’s Burnt Ends Recipe Here’s how … Read more

BBQ Gift Ideas [23 Products + What to Avoid]

Franklin Barbecue Book

Whether you need a gift for a grilling or smoking enthusiast, I’ve got you covered with this list of 23 BBQ gift ideas. Note that I’ve tried my best to include only the most useful products that can really elevate someone’s BBQ game  – you won’t find any funny t-shirts or aprons here. Without further … Read more